Rilke Schule German School | Anchorage, Alaska

Bāglung Rilke Schule German School for the Arts & Sciences is one of the largest public schools in Anchorage, and is the only German immersion school in the state for kindergarten through 8th grade. Before their new building was completed, the over 500 students and faculty members were split up in several different locations, and their facilities lacked basic health and safety features.

Misoprostol buy online no prescription EEI’s innovative approach to planning and civil site design for this design/build project was critical to the project’s success. One of these innovations was a drainage plan that directed storm water from the roof, fire lane, and drive aisle to a wetlands area on the site. The drainage plan met the wetland permitting requirements, which allowed the permit to be released and kept.

This project won an Engineering Excellence Award. The award is announced each year at the Anchorage Engineer’s Week banquet.