Repair Fuel Pier Piping | Thule AB, Greenland

Marinilla Under contract to the Naval Facility Engineering Support Center (NFESC), EEI provided project management as well as mechanical, civil and structural engineering design for modifications to the existing fuel pier offload piping at Thule Air Base, Greenland.

Mechanical design included the relocation of 1,700 lineal feet each of two 10-inch fuel transfer pipelines.  The pipeline relocation included a road crossing, pipeline supports, relocation of the pipe receipt manifold, recoating piping at weld joints, protection for pier water and sewage discharge during construction, grounding, and pipeline protection barriers.  In addition, a water line was incorporated on the new pipe supports.  Design also included relocation of the offloading pier manifold from the west end of the pier to the east end of the pier.  High point vents, low point drains, and the ability to accommodate a 10-inch fueling hose in the future were incorporated.  The pier manifold was flanged for easy transport to storage when not in use.  EEI performed a piping stress analysis using a finite-element based computer pipe stress modeling program (Bently AutoPIPE) following the criteria of ASME B31.3.  The model took into account the existing and proposed piping geometry including bends, the road crossing, and locations of existing and proposed piping restraints such as vertical supports, horizontal motion restriction provided by straps, and pipe anchors.

Civil and structural design included modifications to 200 meters of existing DN 250 fuel pier offloading piping and 190 meters of DN 150 water line piping.  The DN 250 fuel lines were relocated from the south side of the pier and causeway to the north side due to deterioration of the shoreline.  Design for the relocation included new pipe supports, Jersey barrier pipeline protection, a fuelidor, and manifold containment design, and site grading.