Airman Leadership School | Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

Orvault EEI provided renovations to convert Building 2216, a 21,000 square foot building originally constructed in 1954, into a new Airman Leadership School (ALS), and mail center for United States Postal Service (USPS) and Base Interface Transfer Center (BITC). As the lead design consultant, EEI managed the multi-discipline project to meet the current needs of the Air Force, the USPS and BITC operations. EEI provided all civil and structural engineering design and managed the Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Hazmat subconsultants’ efforts. The team conducted a code and condition survey of the existing building including a hazardous materials survey, developed a design to accommodate the multiple user program spaces, and worked with Eielson to program changes. The Airman Leadership School is designed to create an “atmosphere of professionalism” for students, staff, and visitors.  The new ALS provides two interactive classrooms as well as two reference libraries, an auditorium, lounge, administrative spaces, and an Enlisted Heritage Room to guide and inspire students.  There are also non-ALS classrooms and un-programmed space for future classroom expansion. USPS and BITC occupy another portion of the building and are designed with comingled spaces meant to prevent redundancy of operations, without compromising the security of either space.  Along with the revised program space, the design provides new arctic entry ways, enhancements to the loading dock areas, security system upgrades, new heating and ventilation systems, sprinkler system modifications, and upgrades to communications, lighting and electrical systems. The design also identifies specific construction phasing requirements to accommodate operation of existing uses while the building is being renovated.