Leadership Team

Kelly B. Waring, P.E.


Kelly is a licensed professional mechanical engineer with over 22 years of his career dedicated to designing fueling systems. He is an accomplished project manager, specializing in DoD projects encompassing all aspects of fuel storage and distribution systems. He is a certified API 653 Tank and API 570 Pipeline inspector, with years of practical field experience. Kelly became a principal of the firm in 2006 and has served on the board of directors for the past 10 years.

Jesse K. Frederick, P.E.

Executive Vice President

Jesse is EEI’s Chief Mechanical Engineer and has been a Principal of the firm since 2012. He has over 15 years of downstream-petroleum experience and specializes in hydraulic surge evaluations and fuel system dynamics. Jesse has been the lead engineer on many DoD fuels projects worldwide as well as on projects for commercial fuel distributers in the state of Alaska, including aircraft hydrant fueling systems, bulk storage tank farms, truck loading facilities and transfer pumphouse design.  He is also a certified API 570 Pipeline Inspector and has developed fuel system inspection plans for DoD facilities, commercial distributers and Anchorage International Airport.

Kevin S. Murphy, P.E.

Executive Advisor

Kevin is a principal of the firm, a past president, and is a key member of the board of directors. He is a licensed professional civil engineer and is a certified API 570 pipeline inspector. Kevin currently serves as principal-in charge of our government Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) IDIQ contracts. With over 37 years of engineering experience, 26 of which is in fuels system design, Kevin supervises our project management team, and oversees our fuels system program initiatives.

Doug J Kieley, P.E.


Doug is EEI’s Mechanical Integrity Program Manager and is based in their Falmouth, Maine office. He has more than 28 years of experience in engineering mechanical integrity assessment and quality assurance. Doug manages large, complex asset integrity management projects for commercial and Department of Defense clients worldwide. These projects include engineering evaluations; fitness-for-service assessments; forensic failure analysis; and metallurgical and risk-based assessments involving pressure vessels, pipelines, piping systems, fossil-fired and recovery boilers, and chemical and petroleum storage tanks. Doug is a certified API 653 Storage Tank Inspector, API 570 Piping Inspector, API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector, and API 1169 Pipeline Inspector. He also actively participates on the API 653/650 Committee as a voting member.

Nick J. Homerding, P.E.

Nick is the department manager for our civil engineering team. He has eleven years of experience in the field of civil site and utility improvements, including geotechnical investigations, condition surveys, site grading and drainage design, water and wastewater systems, roadway design, and bulk fuel facility design for commercial and military facilities. Nick provides management and engineering skills for all phases of project development including planning, design and analysis, preparation of contract documents, cost estimating, project management, and construction administration

Carl Bassler, P.E.

Carl is EEI’s Chief Civil Engineer and brings over 35 years of experience in the State of Alaska with site development of everything from small retail buildings to large public and private developments, transportation and utilities projects. Carl has provided civil and geotechnical engineering on many petroleum-related projects including design of buried pipelines, tank containment systems and site planning. Carl has also been involved in projects at many remote villages in Alaska and is familiar with the challenges posed by flooding, permafrost, seasonal frost, and poor soils conditions.








Gary S. Cain, P.E.

Gary is a licensed professional civil engineer with 37 years of engineering design and construction experience. He became a Principal of the firm in 1998 and, through his commitment and leadership, has contributed to EEI’s continued success and growth over the past 23 years. Gary is based out of our Anchorage Alaska office where he has successfully managed large multidiscipline government fueling facility projects, and commercial infrastructure projects. As president, Gary oversees all efforts of the various EEI offices.


Steve DiGregorio, P.E.

Steve is a principal structural engineer and project manager at Enterprise Engineering. Steve has over 40 years experience in structural engineering and over 30 years with Enterprise Engineering. His engineering experience includes fuel storage facilities, fuel storage tanks, industrial and paper mill projects, and marine structures. Steve has specialized expertise in structural engineering, seismic design, retrofitting existing structures, and structural modifications. He has been the engineer of record for many US military projects. Steve provides structural engineering design and peer review of large aboveground bulk fuel storage tanks and tank foundations, evaluation and repairs to existing tanks, and facility design of containment dikes, pumphouses, truck fillstands, truck offload stands, refueler parking, and fuel laboratories. His extensive military design experience includes designs for MILCON bulk storage tank projects for CONUS and OCONUS sites.

Steve S. Brooks, P.E.

Executive Advisor

Steve, one of the original owners of EEI, is a past president and the founder of our Anchorage, Alaska office. Steve is a recognized expert in fuel system design, having served in the industry for over 40 years. He frequently serves on a national scale, as a participant in a variety of panels and committees to update and develop fuel system criteria and DoD standards. Steve presently serves as a program manager on military sector projects worldwide, providing expert technical and programming skills.