Aviation Fueling Systems

Aviation Fueling Systems deliver on-spec fuel to aircraft safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.  Whether your system is a major in-ground hydrant system at a large airport, or a single position truck loading facility in remote Alaska, EEI has the experience you need to complete your project.  EEI provides planning and design services for multiple outlet hydrant systems, and for major expansions to existing systems at DoD facilities and commercial airports.  We also design single position helicopter refueling systems for the US Coast Guard and for hospital Life Flight Facilities.  For aviation fueling systems that include a truck loading rack, EEI designs truck loading systems from one position up to several multiple parallel positions.  We are recognized experts in hydraulics analysis and dynamic / transient surge analysis of hydrant systems.

Specific Designs have included:

  • Vehicle fill stands with multiple parallel simultaneous positions filling 5000 to 6000 gallon tankers
  • Military Hydrant direct aircraft fueling systems that range from small helicopter systems to 3,600 gpm multiple outlet constant pressure systems for large frame aircraft
  • Commercial Direct Fueling Points for helicopters at airfields, hospitals, and Coast Guard refueling points
  • Commercial international airport  hydrant  fueling/cargo ramps