Fuel Facility Planning & Design

Successful fuel facilities meet the needs of operators and engineering staff while also meeting compliance requirements. EEI provides fuel facility planning for small and large systems alike. Our experience ranges from large bulk terminals to small remote terminals that must be sized and designed to operate with minimal maintenance support. We specialize in obtaining input from operators, engineering and planning staff, and funding agencies to develop a plan that will provide the facility operator with a system that meets both the operational mission and regulatory compliance requirements.  EEI understands the need to carefully research code requirements, easement records, and specific land use provisions.  We are well versed in facilitating planning meetings with all stakeholders and developing consensus for design direction.

EEI provides conventional design services and we are the design/build partner of choice for many contractors specializing in fuel system construction. Our breadth of experience is illustrated by the following key areas of expertise:

  • Hydrant Systems
  • Marine Facilities
  • Truck Fill Stands
  • Transfer Pipelines
  • Fuel Tanks