Fuel Tank Design: AST & UST

For more than 35 years, EEI had provided engineering design services for the construction of new API 650 petroleum storage tanks, and major repair and alterations for tanks under API 653 provisions. Clients include major oil companies, power generation utilities, commercial airlines, and the US Government. Geographically, EEI provides engineering for tanks throughout the world.

EEI is also a recognized expert in the design and rehabilitation of US military style cut-and-cover and mined tanks. Complete design services performed by EEI for all tank types include foundations, seismic anchoring, shell and roof designs, piping, corrosion coatings, heating, tank appurtenances, floating pans, tank gauging, and instrumentation. EEI also provides the civil site engineering associated with tank containment dikes and drainage.


Aboveground Storage Tanks

One of EEI’s specialties is the design of API 650 tanks. We have designed hundreds of tanks including aviation operation tanks (2,500 to 40,000 Bbls) and bulk product tanks (150,000 Bbls plus). These designs have involved cone up, cone down, full drain down, open top, and cone roof tanks for products ranging from crude oil and refinery process vessels to gasoline and jet fuel products.


Underground Storage Tanks

Repair designs for floors, coatings, and piping have been provided for field-erected underground cut and cover tanks in the 50,000 to 435,000 Bbl size. Tanks have been constructed of concrete, concrete lined steel, and reinforced/braced steel.


Tank Repairs

EEI provides extensive tank inspection service under the provisions of API 653. As a follow-on service, tank repairs, modifications and alterations have been designed for tanks from 20,000 gallons to 435,000 Bbls. EEI can provide these services in difficult to access remote sites, thousands of miles from logistic centers. Our tank repair work has taken us from New Brunswick, Canada to the Alaska North Slope, to the Caribbean, to remote islands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, to Japan and Korea.

Repairs have included new floors, tank jacking, air lifting, and relocation of tanks up to 80,000 Bbls, new ringwalls below existing tanks, upgrading for seismic stability, and repairs resulting from hurricanes and typhoons. Tank ages and types include 1900 vintage full riveted, combination welded/riveted, and fully welded.