Specialized Pipeline Integrity Assessment

EEI brings a strong engineering culture to our integrity assessments. Not only is thorough data collected, but our API 570 inspectors and onsite engineers look beyond data collection checklists and guidelines, frequently determining the root cause of problems. This approach, plus follow-on engineering office review of field findings, results in solid information for owners about needs and recommendations for today, as well as for life extension of facilities.

Frequently, EEI provides engineering assistance to owners to validate findings and conclusions presented by API testing companies, and provides cost-effective design and construction guidance to correct problems.

Factors considered in the engineering evaluation include the following:
  • Past repairs and alterations
  • Material properties
  • Properties of the product
  • Environmental conditions and past pipeline history
  • Change in operating pressure
  • Loading conditions, such as wind and seismic loadings; snow loads; pressure due to stored product; settlement, nozzle and attachment loads
Recent, relevant projects include: