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Control Your Environment

Effective fuel system management demands accurate, reliable automated control systems. EEI designs and inspects control systems for tank farms, pressure vessels, and pipelines and ensures your system is ready to go. With EEI, you can be confident in controlling your environment.

We keep all of your control electronics in tip-top shape.  Whether it be PLCs, instrumentation, alarms, or backup generators, EEI can help ensure all are working properly and efficiently. We handle light and midlevel electrical design and secure excellent communication and reporting of all your critical systems.

Know Your Operations

Fuel Facilities Control Systems

Excellent communication between you and your control systems is vital. We can help with monitors and controls, so you always know what’s happening in your facilities. EEI helps you rest easy at night knowing that your systems are working in top form.

With You at Every Step

From System Installation to Repairs

Our engineers are with you every step of the way, from system design to installation and evaluations to repair. We understand the importance of top-quality programmable logic controllers and reliable instrumentation to report on flow, levels, and pressure measurements.

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We Build Confidence

EEI delivers peace of mind. We design and install or evaluate and improve your electronic monitoring system, so you’re confident in the reliability of your operations.

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Recent Electronic Monitoring System Projects

High-functioning and accurate electronic monitoring systems are vital to a facility manager’s peace of mind. See how we’ve helped various facilities develop reliable oversight systems, giving them confidence in monitoring and controlling their day-to-day operations.

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Our engineers know how important it is to control your environments and have confidence in your systems. Call on us for any of your control system needs.

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