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Fuel Storage & Pipelines

Each fuel type calls for different delivery and containment systems. We design and install them all, including above-ground fuel storage tanks (ASTs), underground storage tanks (USTs), and vapor recovery systems.

We design and install pipelines for many different applications, from projects such as fuel pier piping, aviation fueling, rail systems, and cross-country pipelines to lines for individual vehicle, marine, or aviation fueling facilities.

We help you protect the environment by designing specialized containment systems to prevent spills in everything from tank farms to marine headers and aviation fueling systems.

Aircraft & Marine Refueling Systems

Planes, Ships, and Boats

EEI designs and constructs fuel distribution systems for fueling and defueling aircraft. Systems include above or below-ground tanks, tanker trucks, pumps with housing, control valves, filters, and piping. We also engineer underwater fuel pipes and offloading systems for ships and boats.

Experts in Fuel Transport

Pipelines, Truck & Rail Car Loading and Offloading Facilities

EEI provides engineering inspection, design, and installation of truck and rail tank car fuel loading and offloading. From pipelines, tank farms, piping, foundation, and electrical grounding design to loading and unloading stations and pumps, our experts provide a comprehensive design plan and installation.

Road Tanker and Oil Tanks

Planning, Design & Inspections

We inspect, evaluate, and modify above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) and below-ground storage tanks (USTs). Additionally, we do complete cut & cover tank installations.

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We're Improving Fueling Systems

Our engineers are fueling systems experts. From recent projects including rail line and fuel offloading upgrades and tank inspections in Alaska to pipeline integrity management for DOD worldwide, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also helped modernize fueling systems on Wake Island in the Pacific and worked with the Coast Guard on aviation fueling facilities.

Explore Our Projects

Rely on our EEI engineers for fuel system inspection, design, modification, or installation from tanks and pipes to transportation. We specialize in all aspects of fuel storage and movement.

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