Pipeline Connectors

Expert Engineering for Your Needs

Our Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Engineers meet challenges head-on, no matter the industry.

Our engineers, surveyors, designers, and support personnel are at the ready to tackle your project.

Whether it’s evaluating fueling systems for a military base, helping a municipality with site development for a new energy plant, or installing electrical monitoring systems for a private company, we have trained, experienced teams for the jobs.

Our multi-disciplined engineering approach and decades of experience allow us to successfully meet unique engineering challenges and reach clients’ ambitious goals in aviation, commercial fueling, electrical design, site development, and military installations.


The Markets We Serve


For municipal airports and private transport companies we offer everything from site planning to fuel supply management and electronic monitoring.

Commercial Fueling

We've got the expertise for airlines, seaports, and commercial trucking companies when you need fueling, fuel storage or transportation solutions.

Electrical Design

From PLCs and instrumentation to alarms and backup generators, we provide companies with electrical designs that ensure you are always in control.

Site Development

Our civil engineering teams provide municipalities and private companies with site planning to give you the best start to your project, from site evaluations to building and utility placement.


U.S. military installations worldwide look to us for everything from fuel system design and assessments to site planning.