Working on Design

Building Placement & Property Offsets

At EEI, our civil engineers work with architecture firms and municipalities to inspect and assess proposed building sites in order to find the best building placement as well as plan other needs of the site. Our experts can ensure that everything is planned properly, from road and property offsets to parking lot and utility locations.

We make sure that the proposed building site follows all local and state codes and environmental regulations as well as ensuring any necessary grading and drainage are set up in the correct places.

Secure Foundation

Long Term Structural Integrity

One of the most important considerations for new building projects concerns the foundations. By performing geological soil and grade analysis, EEI will ensure the ground below the structure will remain stable and not slide or collapse with heavy rains.

Line Extensions

Helping with Water and Sewer Utilities

When it comes time to plan water and sewer line extensions or storm drainage systems, our engineers have the necessary experience to do it right. We’ll help in any way we can, even coordinating with local utility companies.

Oil Tanks

We handle the headaches

EEI handles everything. We create the design, procure the proper permits, and start the project faster. We try to make the process as worry-free as possible.

Man Standing

EEI's Civil Engineers in Action

Our civil engineering teams help architects, builders, and local governments with site inspection and planning. To appreciate our scope, have a look at some of our latest projects. We’ve worked on several unique housing projects, including affordable and long-term care housing as well as site plans for everything from school campuses to airports.

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Rely on our Civil Engineers for site planning and design. From survey and site assessment to the building placement and parking lot design, we handle jobs from start to finish.

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