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Testing Before It's an Issue

Our engineers inspect fuel systems, including pressure vessels & tanks, to detect any present leaks and uncover any signs of corrosion. Our comprehensive testing and evaluation reports include correction or improvement recommendations to prevent small issues from becoming costly disasters.

EEI uses a variety of techniques to reveal corrosion and weaknesses in your piping and storage systems before it’s too late.  With nondestructive tools such as MFL, ultrasonic (UT), smart pigs, and laboratory analysis we can help you understand what’s happening inside your systems and help you determine what corrosion prevention and control measures are best for your specific situation.

Design Risk Analysis

Assessing a Design's Integrity

We evaluate your fuel system’s design and identify potential environmental concerns. Our design risk analysis reports put our clients’ minds at ease about the chances of future risks. Our long-term integrity analysis recommends actions to mitigate any risks and prevent future environmental damage.

Forensic Analysis

When Things Go South

Whereas risk analysis prevents future problems, forensic analysis teams help make sense of things when they happen. We find out exactly what went wrong, identifying the point of failure, and recommend the changes and improvements necessary to prevent a repeat of the event.


We're here to ensure everything is good to go

When something happens, action is needed right away. EEI determines what went wrong and devises ways to correct problems and move forward.

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Explore Our Mechanical Integrity Evaluation Projects

Our clients rely on us to design and evaluate their fueling systems for mechanical integrity so that they can worry less about accidents. We’ve worked with the Department of Defense all over the world and private companies in the United States to inspect and recommend improvements for various mechanical systems.

Explore Our Projects

Whether you need us to inspect your fuel system design or analyze it for potential risks, rely on EEI.

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