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API Inspections

 API 653 Tank Inspections

The purpose of a baseline or follow-up API 653 inspection is to determine what changes have occurred from the original physical condition of a tank or the most recent inspection. From this detailed field investigation, an engineering evaluation is performed to determine the suitability of a tank for continued service. This evaluation includes an assessment of the hydraulic and structural integrity of the tank.


API 570 Pipeline Inspections

Performing complete physical and corrosion evaluation surveys on pipelines can determine the general health, problems, and remaining life of the system. On some pipelines, the data and analysis can determine if major life extension repairs are warranted or new pipelines needed. In-line Inspection (ILI) provides additional information on underground pipelines. Additional emerging technologies for non-invasive testing are also available.


API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspections

EEI has evaluated the pressure relief systems on hundreds of filter vessels at nearly 70 locations, and made recommendations for remedies as appropriate.


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