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Project’s highlights

EEI designed brand new fuel facilities for this MILCON project at a remote island location. EEI was the designer of record for all the mechanical/fuels systems as well as the civil and structural components related to the fuel tanks, cross-country pipeline, and fuel wharf. As the team’s POL subject matter expert, EEI led much of the effort in defining the scope and approach to the project and coordinated closely with the end-user engineers to deliver a high-quality design for this unique and challenging project.

For this project, EEI designed a new modified-Type III hydrant fueling system and fuel storage facility. The primary goal of this project was to develop a fuel facility that will provide adequate fueling for US Air Force exercise missions and diverted aircraft. new fueling system was designed to receive either JP-8 or Jet A turbine fuel from small barges at the existing wharf area. Fuel will be received at a wharf from a barge and transferred by a booster pumphouse through a five-mile buried carbon steel pipeline to the new fuel facility on the north side of the airport.